The Light in The Meeting Tent – Stan Tenen

The Light in The Meeting Tent – Stan Tenen

Meru Foundation Research and Findings

“… The Light in the Meeting Tent contains our original demonstration of how symmetry and asymmetry, tetrahedron and vortex, light and vessel, produce the letters of a particular Hebrew and a particular Arabic alphabet. It is also the first demonstration that the same type font can be used to generate Hebrew and Arabic letters…”

“… We live in a world of seeming duality…”

Lao Tzu Part 2 of 2 – Tao Te Ching – How To Live Life – Arrive at Non-Action – You Are Not The Doer

Dr Pillai

(English Subtitles)

“… Lao Tzu is not different from Krishna or the Buddha or The Quantum Physicist, they all say the same things…”