Guest is a God

Search for The Soul - Indrajit Rathore


In India guests are accorded a venerable place and every household seeks to present its best culture in greeting the guest with the finest food, drink and welcome that a household is capable of. In welcoming a guest the family feels that its pride and honour are at stake in the quality of the hospitality offered. Even the humblest villager with barely enough to feed himself will insist on offering warm and fulsome hospitality to a visitor. Nothing could be worse than for a guest to leave dissatisfied.  This is inspired by an Upanishadic aphorism:

                        ATITHI  DEVO  BHAVA

                          THE GUEST IS A GOD


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My Teacher

Source of Inspiration

2015 Juni 058_1

My dog kisses me awake
and brings me his smelly
sock for a game of tug-of-war.
The clock says four
not even the rooster
is awake.
Shall I hide under the covers
yell at him to go away
or play with him for a while?

Why do I feel that this is a test
of who I really am?

My dog, my best teacher.

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