Meher Baba wrote: “When the tongue is silent, the mind speaks; When the mind is silent, the heart sings; When the heart stops singing, Soul begins to experience its original Self. In deep sleep, tongue, mind and heart are silent. And one is unconscious. If one can go into deep sleep and remain awake, one has it; One becomes what one originally was and eternally is – God.”




The Awakening of Nathan Gill

The Awakening of Nathan Gill

 “…and then I hit the Advaita scene. I read everything by and about Ramana Maharshi, Jean Klein and Nisargadatta Maharaj and everything by Ramesh Balsekar.

A lot of the confusion that I had felt before went. I understood that all there is is Consciousness, but why did I still feel like a separate me? What was the missing link? If I was already awake and free then why did my life seem like a pile of dung?…”

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