“… Release yourself from any form of identification. I’m a Hindu, I’m a male, I’m seventy-two years old,  I like this, I don’t like that. How to drop Richard? How to drop Ganesan? Every night, in deep sleep,  there is no Richard, there is no Ganesan. The same thing can be adopted, now.

Whenever you are rid of concepts, you are happy!

What is the silence? The space of unlearning!

A doubt is a concept. You want a conceptual description of truth. That very doubt is, you are escaping from truth.

Giving up of thoughts is also an other thought. Actually, there’s a root thought. “I have to give up thoughts”. The idea “thought” is the mother of all thoughts. You cannot give up thoughts.

Ramana Maharshi said: go to the Source of the Thought. Source of the Thought is The Silence!.”

Release Identification – V. GANESAN, Ramana Maharshi Grand Nephew – Interview by Richard Miller, excerpt



Meher Baba wrote: “When the tongue is silent, the mind speaks; When the mind is silent, the heart sings; When the heart stops singing, Soul begins to experience its original Self. In deep sleep, tongue, mind and heart are silent. And one is unconscious. If one can go into deep sleep and remain awake, one has it; One becomes what one originally was and eternally is – God.”

… http://www.gautamsachdeva.com/you-have-the-right-to-remain-silent/



The Non-duality explained – HD settings

“… The concept of non-duality refers to the total elimination of the ego which would leave room for unconditional love, complete fusion with everything (or nothing, according to traditions). The ego is what would drive people to mask the self through identification with the body, personal history. In contrast,the soul is the energy of infinite love present in every man that allows him to live his divinity and awareness invisible and abstract dimensions of the world. It is in this opposition ego / soul duality resides. Transcend this duality provides access to happiness and unconditional self love…”

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