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What is understanding?

Acharya Prashant - Words into Silence

Speaker: The question asked is, ‘What is understanding?’

What is right there with us, completely available, is difficult to be described in the positive terms. Right! We will begin with what understanding is not.

Right now, as I look at you, you are sitting still, absolutely still. There is peace on your face and you are looking attentive. Are you thinking something at this moment?

Listener 1: No, Sir. It is difficult.

Speaker: Difficult, right. Could you really be listening to me, had you been thinking about something else? Would it have been possible for you to listen to me?

Listeners (everyone): No.

Speaker: Would it have been possible? Understanding is available. What is understanding? This is understanding. What is going on right now, is understanding. What understanding is not?

You asked me a question, ‘What is understanding?’ If you are already carrying a notion of what the word ‘understanding’…

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