“… The concept of the self has always been the great preoccupation of the world. And everyone believes that he must find the answer to the riddle of himself. Salvation can be seen as nothing more than the escape from concepts…”

CHAPTER 31 – A Course In Miracles – The Final Vision § 5 Self Concept versus Self

Every Living Entity is a Child of God – Prabhupada 

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Day Twenty-Eight: 30 Days of Gratitude

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Quote About Being Thankful And Having A Reason To Smile Photo Credit: Pinterest

Another late entry, but better late than never.  It is funny how time flies, not necessarily when you are having fun, but when you are just living life in general.  I will admit that today was bit of a rough day emotionally for different reasons, but I still was able to find these three things to appreciate:

  1. A telephone call with my grandmother.  My ninety-five year old grandmother is one of the strongest women I am blessed to know, which is one of the many reasons both of my daughters are named after her.  Recently, she needed to move from her home of many years to a nursing home, as she is facing some physical challenges.  We are separated by roughly 800 miles, but our hearts remain connected.  I was so very grateful to be able to speak with her tonight, for even though her health has…

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