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Real happiness is Self-sufficient

Acharya Prashant

Question: Is happiness related to self-sufficiency?

Speaker: Yes, obviously. Real happiness is self-sufficient. Real happiness does not depend upon an object or an event.

But look at our happiness. Look at the kind of happiness we have. We say that we are happy because of something. Real happiness has no ‘because’. We say that our happiness is dependent on the presence of such and such person, or the happening of such and such event. Correct? We say that we will be happy when we get that result. So our happiness is a dependent happiness. Right? Dependent on what? That result. When that result comes, then we will be happy. Otherwise we cannot be happy. And till the time that result does not come, how will we be? Sad. Because if happiness is there in the result, then till the time the result is not there, we cannot be happy. Our happiness is…

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