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The Cream of the Crop

Doug Prideaux

Contrary to popular belief, places are not romantic…people are. And I’m one of them. I have not experienced India as being especially romantic, but I have nonetheless had some wonderful romances in my years spent here. In saying this, I am now in a place where I eagerly await the return to a country where romance matters. As far as I’m concerned, love and romance are things that keep something vital alive in us; they are more than pleasure, they’re like a vertebrae. Love and romance make people smile, they’re happiness. They are the kind of things that make you laugh at what might ordinarily annoy you. This is one of the reason’s they’re so important. When a person is romantically in love with somebody, that experience is on top of the list of things that matter. Romance breathes a very special kind of life into love. There is nothing…

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