“Die Ros ist ohn warum; sie blühet weil sie blühet, Sie acht nicht ihrer selbst, fragt nicht, ob man sie siehet.
The rose is without ‘why’; it blooms simply because it blooms. It pays no attention to itself, nor does it ask whether anyone sees it.”

Angelus Silesius

“You will attack what does not satisfy, and thus you will not see you made it up. You always fight illusions. For the truth behind them is so lovely and so still in loving gentleness, were you aware of it you would forget defensiveness entirely, and rush to its embrace. The truth could never be attacked…”

CHAPTER 30 – A Course In Miracles – The New Beginning – § 5 The Truth behind Illusions


BUDDHA IN THE MUD. There are two truths: the real and the seemingly real. Their connection is the negative emotions. On the path of the seemingly real, the emotions imprison us. On the path of the real, the emotions liberate us. There is a secret life to the emotions.

Confidence Beyond Doubt

We need confidence that is beyond belief and wishful thinking. Confidence must be without conceit. True confidence is unshakeable, which leads to unshakeable compassion. This is not for the faint hearted!

Although we have much to learn (or rather refine), we can still have confidence beyond doubt.

Once we understand, or get even a glimpse of the essential nature of a subject, we know that we are heading in the right direction. “I am looking in the right direction, and therefore my life is fruitful.”

We have to bear in mind that different spiritual traditions express the same essential nature differently, which can cause doubt. And then again, in Buddhism, there are the nine levels, each saying the same thing but with a different meaning. This can be very confusing. Compassion could mean compassion for the few we like, or compassion for the many, none excluded. This…

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