Ungodly Religion

Doug Prideaux

God is not a religion. Allah became a religion, as did Jesus, and Krishna, as well as Buddha, Judah, and Jehovah. But God? No, no…God has no interest in religion at all. Religions are the gods of ungodliness.

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The delusion called ‘Achievement’

Acharya Prashant

Speaker: Do you really want to understand what this whole business of ‘Achievement’ is? If you really want to understand, only then we can go into it. If you are into it superficially, out of an obligation, then you will not understand anything. So do you really want to understand this or not?

Listeners(everyone): Yes, Sir.

Speaker: If you think this must be a very, very serious thing in which we are investing our entire life, this business of ‘achievement’, then it is very important to understand it. If you think this to be of that great importance, then only you will be able to understand it. And if you think that there is nothing to do, life comes and goes, and if we waste one life then another life is waiting for us, then there is no point discussing all this. So are you really sincere about understanding it?

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“… the concept of a Oneness joined as One is meaningless. It is apparent that a mind so split could never be the Teacher of a Oneness Which unites all things within Itself. And so What is within this mind, and does unite all things together, must be its Teacher. Yet must It use the language that this mind can understand, in the condition in which it thinks it is. And It must use all learning to transfer illusions to the truth, taking all false ideas of what you are, and leading you beyond them to the truth that is beyond them. All this can very simply be reduced to this:

What is the same can not be different,
And what is one can not have separate parts…”

CHAPTER 25 – A Course In Miracles – The Justice of God – § 2 The Link to Truth