From Quantum Physics to Advaita Vedanta Metaphysics


Quantum mechanics is the physics of microscopic phenomena. Newtonian physics which is known as classical physics describes all natural phenomena in the scales observable by humans, namely the macroscopic world. But when we enter the world of atoms Newtonian mechanics breaks down. Atomic phenomena cannot be explained or understood in terms of laws of physics postulated by Isaac Newton. Physicists of the 20th century had to find new laws and postulates that could explain and predict atomic phenomena. This new physics which applies to small scales is known as Quantum Physics, or Quantum Mechanics. It has been shown that all the laws of Newton and classical physics can be derived from the laws of quantum mechanics. In fact, the laws of quantum mechanics are the fundamental laws from which Newtonian physics is derived as an approximation or a special case. In other words, our world is essentially quantum mechanical and…

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The Ordinary Kind

Dan Frugalberg

Tide me with your blessings, of the ordinary kind,
To know the sun and seasons, glimpses of you, I find.
Promptings of the spirit, let the earthly, leave behind,
Then home among the flowers, to bed, at last, recline.
~ D.F.

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Trust THIS

Simply here

This This

The only reality is this moment.  Presence.  Here.  Now.  This.  (Every word fails to describe It.  Yet It shines as the foundation which exists as Everything.)

This is the answer to all questions.  This is the question to all answers.  It obliterates questions and answers.  Simultaneously, it embraces them.  It solves everything simply by existing.

Understanding this with the mind is one thing.  Embracing it with the heart and body is another.

Surrendering in faith to This sometimes feels impossible.

How do we surrender to anger, illness, broken hearts and machinery and bodies?

When someone slaps our face, how do we turn the other cheek?  What secret did Jesus know?

In moments when This appears untarnished and clear, it makes perfect sense.  This reveals no separation between self and other.  Nothing to resist against.  Nothing to push.  Nothing to defend.  No points to gain.

Only a flowing river of…

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“… When your body and your ego and your dreams are gone, you will know that you will last forever. Perhaps you think this is accomplished through death, but nothing is accomplished through death, because death is nothing. Everything is accomplished through life, and life is of the mind and in the mind. The body neither lives nor dies, because it cannot contain you who are life. If we share the same mind, you can overcome death because I did. Death is an attempt to resolve conflict by not deciding at all. Like any other impossible solution the ego attempts, it will not work.

God did not make the body, because it is destructible, and therefore not of the Kingdom. The body is the symbol of what you think you are. It is clearly a separation device, and therefore does not exist…”

CHAPTER 6 – A Course In Miracles – The Lessons of Love – § 7 To Have, Give All to All