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The child is bound to be conditioned, you are not

Acharya Prashant

Speaker: The mind of the child is like a sponge. It gets influenced by everything. Everything. Just as the sponge absorbs everything it comes in contact with, the mind of the child also absorbs everything. A child’s mind is like a clean slate. Anything can be written on it. Have you seen children? Have you seen how curious they are, how they look at every thing? Have you ever seen a child sitting at the back-seat of the car? He would sit with his face towards the edge of the seat. He is looking all around and he is absorbing and absorbing and absorbing. And that is inevitable, there is nothing is wrong with it because the child is not born with information.

It is alright that he must collect all information from the outside. He will do that. But, along with the information also come beliefs and influences. The child…

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