Dan Frugalberg

Raise me up beyond the fog, to whence Your glory shines,
Rays of precious wisdom, come, illumine my heart and mind.
To know Your thoughts and workings, be touched by grace divine,
Life in all its splendour, when I’m yours and You are mine.
~ D.F.

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Monochrome Madness 34: Deer

The World Is A Book...

weeds 018weeds 016

After taking a couple of shots of these two young deer playing in the water, I tried to get back to the trail. Unexpectedly, this beautiful deer was standing by the trail in a shady, bushy spot. I snapped a shot quickly, but had no time to worry about composition, lighting, etc. When I opened the pic on my iMac, I was surprised by the result, I really liked the reflections on the grasses and the bushes, and around the neck of the deer 🙂  

Before you go, click to see the exquisite A little fall of rain. It brought tears to my eyes… Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Soonie! 

Leanne’s Monochrome Madness is reaching week 34, it has 54 remarkable, creative photos for this week! Here is Leanne Stunning B&W waterfall photo:


Thank you so much for visiting. Have a wonderful Thursday!  🙂   

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An individual is one whose desires are his own

Acharya Prashant

Speaker: There is this water-bottle over there. Can you estimate the number of water molecules in this?

Listeners (everyone): No, Sir.

Speaker: One mole of water has how much grams of water?

Listener 1: Eighteen grams of water.

Speaker: This water-bottle has not less than four grams of water. So, you can estimate the enormous number of molecules present in the bottle. What is happening inside? What is the typical r.m.s. velocity at the room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure?

It is of the order of hundreds of meters per second. Right? So much of the movement is taking place there. Look at any individual molecule. What is it doing? A three-dimensional random movement. Correct. Why cannot that molecule move in one particular direction and keep moving in that direction? Why?

Listener 2: There is a disturbance, an obstruction.

Speaker: Obstructed by whom?

Listener 3: By others.

Speaker: Others.

Listener 4:

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The child is bound to be conditioned, you are not

Acharya Prashant

Speaker: The mind of the child is like a sponge. It gets influenced by everything. Everything. Just as the sponge absorbs everything it comes in contact with, the mind of the child also absorbs everything. A child’s mind is like a clean slate. Anything can be written on it. Have you seen children? Have you seen how curious they are, how they look at every thing? Have you ever seen a child sitting at the back-seat of the car? He would sit with his face towards the edge of the seat. He is looking all around and he is absorbing and absorbing and absorbing. And that is inevitable, there is nothing is wrong with it because the child is not born with information.

It is alright that he must collect all information from the outside. He will do that. But, along with the information also come beliefs and influences. The child…

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