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Ego and attitude

Acharya Prashant

Question: What is the difference between Ego and Attitude?

Speaker: Ego is internalization of an external statement about you. Right? Ego says,”I am something”, and that something comes from outside. Right? The moment you are something, there will be an attitude associated with that identity.

To be something is an identity, and with every identity, there is an attitude.

For example, the moment you are an Indian, your attitude towards an India- Pakistan match will be that India must win. You will watch that match with an attitude. The moment you have an identity, attitude comes along with it. Ego leads to attitude, because Ego says, ‘I am something’, and with that something comes a particular attitude. For example, if you have been told all along that you are very, very hesitant and you have great fear of standing on the podium, and you internalize it, you start believing in…

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