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A Peaceful Easy Feeling…Life is Good…


It’s been a crazy busy day! Up early, made breakfast for my family after I meditated and worked on art for a little while and I mean little while, because we had to have an earlier breakfast. So, I cooked, did the dishes and then went to help Wayne build an handicap ramp he started yesterday with Sky who’s been replaced by me lol.  I don’t think its handicap at all. I think and I’m serious about this! It’s handicapable because they keep on keeping on and make it work!! My brother uses a wheelchair and he’s strong and determined and lives his life freely and happily. Off my soap box…so sorry…anyway, we worked and finished up around 1pm so I made lunch for my family and did the dishes and then we went to to the Market (Food Lion) where I bought among the fresh fruits and veggies…say it…

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2 responses to “A Peaceful Easy Feeling…Life is Good…

  1. dawn ⋅

    Hey, Thanks for sharing the hippie love 🙂 Much Peace~


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