Pursuit of Our Dreams


There is nothing that cannot be achieved through concentration.

In all esoteric traditions in which the aspirant is initiated into the way for the attainment of truth the most important requirement is the intense longing for the goal. It and it alone if held with consistency brings about the result.

This though first appearing as a mystery turns out to be a universal structure of consciousness. Intense longing does not actually create a result; the result, the goal, is always there in the universe but only potentially. Intense longing is rather a ritual on the part of seeker to show the extent to which it gives itself to the goal, a ritual for winning her heart; and the extent to which we give ourselves to the goal the goal gives itself to us.

Intense longing is no mere curiosity, no hobby, no entertainment. I should long for the goal to…

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Awakened Mind!

Sometimes I pretend to be Normal

Awakened Mind

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in the world had an awakened mind!

There would be no prejudice, no name calling, no labels, and no judgment. We would just let everyone be!

Perhaps if everyone reading this tried to not judge or label for a week, do you think it would catch on? Wouldn’t that be nice!

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