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What is the “Real and Unreal”?

❤ Gratitude 🙂

Breath of Joy

Hi friends lets dip into our depths and interpret the quote below meaningfully. Of course there are no right or wrong answers. Feel free and share your thoughts.

The real.......

My own understanding is that what is permanent in life is ‘real’ and that which can perish is unreal. To be in a state of perpetual happiness and bliss even in tough times is to have implicit belief – in our ‘inner self’. It is our ‘inner-self’ that is permanent. Every other thing that we possess is temporary and on losing it we feel pain. Will it not be wonderful to seek our identity in our inner-selves and remain stable and in peace in all situations – good or bad?

This does not imply that we become recluses. It means if we believe our inner-selves are eternal and we become fearless. With this belief we can our lives fully and joyfully without…

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