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Morphology of Truth


Truth, if it exists at all, cannot be formulated or fit into a system. Truth cannot appear in the form of a proposition, for proposition is by definition refutable while truth is by definition irrefutable.
Proposition belongs in the ontic sphere, realm of Being, while truth is essentially meontic, beyond-Being.
Truth cannot be a matter of fact.
Science being a body of facts and propositions is in principle inadequate in the face of truth. Science cannot rise up to truth, for it is science in the world while truth is science of the world.
Philosophy as long as it produces propositions and intellectual convictions is as inadequate as religion in pointing to the truth.
Religion is not about truth in itself and for itself; it is about what man likes the truth to be.
God being the relative absolute is the humanized absolute. Man is relative; the Principle is absolute…

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