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Language: The Vehicle of Truth


Tradition is a horizontal effect of a vertical cause; it is the immanent embodiment of a transcendent truth; it is the reflection of the principle in the manifestation. Tradition is that which protects the truth and the recipient. Naked truth has to be shielded, for its sight blinds the unprepared recipient. At the same time, the recipient must stay in proximity to truth for the sake of his own salvation. Tradition does precisely that: It keeps man close to truth while protecting him from its fatal radiation.

Rootlessness of modern man lies in an adolescent arrogance that has separated him from truth and tradition. Modern man is characterized by his utter forgetfulness of truth; he lives in the age of untruth. It is the age in which factual information pretends to be essential knowledge, rational inference has replaced intellectual intuition.

But truth is always present and immanent in everything…

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