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Temperence, Balance and Patience

Adriana Ospina

Temperence means to have restraint in what you do; to do things in moderation.

I normally suggest doing the opposite since most of us are trapped in resistance, holding back from what life truly has to offer. This constant denial of your true nature can only hold for so long until it manifests in overindulgence in other areas.

We may eat too much, get drunk too often, smoke, gossip, be slothful in excess because we’ve too neatly tucked away our heart’s true yearnings. We’re plagued by fear and the anxiety of our unknown potential.


Balance resolves the desolation of temperance. It turns scarcity into a mindful choice to seek sustainability in all aspects of life.

How often is jealousy and resentment fed because we’ve failed to act on our authentic desires?

How do you feel after you’re left with the emptiness from a day of excess (spent too much money…

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