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The Immortal Within


The Life of The Disinterested Onlooker

Dwells in the void the eye of all eyes; it is the detached source of all light; it is the Disinterested Onlooker.

The Disinterested Onlooker sheds its supreme light on the pure forms and intentions of the transcendental ego, the ego that constitutes the cosmos through ideation. The light refracted from this constituting ego projects outwards into oblivion. The Disinterested Onlooker itself being essentially pure and infinite experiences its own outward projection as a finite empirical ego enclosed in an empirical expanding universe, though this is all an empty appearance playing in the void: It is not the universe that exists; it is the experience of the universe that exists.

Radiation and Ideation are the principles behind the experience of the universe.

Nothing is really ever created. The experience of reality and existence is as unreal as a dream bubble that bursts upon…

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