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“…Hallowed my name. I am a Son of God
Who walks in stillness. I hold out my hand,
And from my fingertips the quiet goes
Around the world to still all living things,
And cover them in holiness. Their rest
Is joined in mine, for I am one with them.
There is no pain my stillness cannot heal,
Because it comes from God. There is no grief
That does not turn to laughter when I come.
I do not come alone. There walks with me
The Light that Heaven looks on as itself.
I am a Son of God. My name is His.
My Father’s house is where my stillness is.”
(The Gifts of God, p. 59)


looking at our specialness with the Holy Spirit or Jesus, without guilt or judgment; our special function that shifts perception of another as ” enemy” (special hate) or ” savior-idol” (special love) to brother or friend, removing all projections of guilt from him; the expression of the miracle or vision of Christ, that sees all people united in the Sonship of God, looking beyond the seeming differences that reflect separation: thus, perceiving sin as real makes true forgiveness impossible; the recognition that what we thought was done to us we did to ourselves, since we are responsible for our scripts, and therefore only we can deprive ourselves of the peace of God: thus, we forgive others for what they have not done to us, not for what they have done.”

Looking at the ego

the essence of forgiveness: looking with the Holy Spirit’s or Jesus’ nonjudgmental gentleness and patience at our ego thought system; since it is guilt that prevents us from looking at our specialness, thus sustaining the ego and keeping its true nature hidden, it is looking without judgment at our attack thoughts that undoes the ego: thus, looking at the ego without guilt and fear is the essence of the Atonement.”

Bringing darkness (illusions) to the light (truth)

the process of undoing denial and dissociation, expressing the decision to bring our guilt to the light of the Holy Spirit to be looked at and forgiven, rather than fearfully keeping it in the darkness of our unconscious minds where it could never be seen and undone; living in illusions brings sickness and pain, bringing them to truth is healing and salvation…”

Terms – A Course In Miracles – excerpt Glossary Facim

The Truth Remains Simple

One Light of Being™

Invocation: “Dear Holy Spirit, I come to You in this holy instant, to offer this moment for Your use in order to fulfill Your Function in the world.  May I be your hands as I type a message that will reach the hearts and minds of my readers, that they be lifted closer to Christ and hear Your Voice and the Song of Heaven grow louder within them.  May I be your eyes and ears to be witness to the message of Forgiveness and Love that I may share with all the world.  In this moment, I choose against the voice of the ego and open myself up as a conduit for the Voice for Peace.   It is for Your Purpose that I established this blog and seek to unite with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Through You, we come together in this place and time.  I recognize that…

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