In the exam of life, no question is ever repeated

Acharya Prashant

Question: Sir, I would like to ask you a question. What is life and why is it so important to live it worthily?

Speaker: Life is not some unknown quantity outside of you, mysterious, something to be reached or attained. I am sure none of us sitting here wants to say that we are not alive. Anybody here who claims that he or she is not alive? We are alive, all of us. All of us are surely, well and truly alive. Are we not?

Listeners(everyone): Yes, Sir.

Speaker: Then there is the complication. If we are alive, then this is life. Or is there any doubt in our aliveness? If you are alive, when are you alive, and where are you alive? How many of you are alive right now in the United States? How many of you are alive on Mars or Jupiter? This is where you are…

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Man is addicted to the world. Modernism was the last enabler. Postmodernism is the leading cause of man’s overdose on world.

Postmodernism is man’s rock bottom; it is the lowest we could ever go; it is the ultimate demise of the intellect whose worst symptom is the now fashionable atheism. Postmodernism is where man would do whatever it takes to get a fix; values are so low that Justin Bieber has more followers than you do and I have more followers than god does.

It is only in such a rotted state of affairs that an idiot like Richard Dawkins has as many fans as Kardashians. Let this tell you something about these hypocrite fans of science who have found the elixir to transform their insecurity into pride, inward ignorance into outward arrogance, misunderstanding into understanding, atheism into fact.

Soon man is going to overdose on world, thus opening the way…

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Reality’s Seam – A Poetic Interlude

One Light of Being™

Like most of my poems, this one came to me this morning as stream of consciousness writing.  I thought I’d post it as an “interlude” between the second and final posts regarding “Our Thoughts Make Perception.”   I’ll finish up that series in another post this weekend.  ~ Joseph

Reality’s Seam

Asleep in Heaven, you’ve had fitful dreams –

exploring “life” at Reality’s seam.


But now you are awakening,

the darkness of the dream fading,

you’re no longer fully asleep

and your slumber not quite so deep


that you now feel a Presence in the room

outside of and beyond your dreaming womb.


A Friend’s hand you can feel

as by your bedside He kneels,

whispering in your ear,

“There is nothing to fear.”


And through your closed but thin eyelids

comes the soft glow of Light you hid

while you slept and dreamed of shadows


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