World As The Ecstasy of Consciousness


Consciousness gives and hides at once; it exhibits the world, but exhibits the world as transcendent, always beyond our full reach. It makes most of the world hidden from intuition and yet laments over what it gives and brags about what it takes.

Consciousness doesn’t just exhibit the world; it exhibits objectivity. It is not a world of objects that we experience and then label it as real; it is reality itself that we experience. Reality is the absolute necessary object of all experience; it is in light of this structural feature of consciousness that even our dreams are experienced as real: Experience is always experience of reality. “World” and “Object” are alien concepts added later.

Experience is the consciousness of the Real.

Existence is the consciousness of the Infinity.

Objectivity is the consciousness of the Absolute.

World is the consciousness of the Totality.

Beauty is the consciousness of the…

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