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Why does the mind need role models?

Acharya Prashant

Speaker: You are talking about role models. Let us see. What do you mean by a role model? Somebody you want to emulate; somebody you want to copy.

Listener: Sir, it can also be like that I like certain quality in that person.

Speaker: What will you do with that quality?

Listener: Sir, just appreciate.

Speaker: Then there are a thousand qualities in thousand people and everyone has a particular quality.

Listener: Sir, at that time that quality was in my mind.

Speaker: Yes. And why should only one thing be in your mind to which you are attracted?

Listener: Sir, why should I be worried about that?

Speaker: I must be worried, if I am an aware individual. Look at the entire world around you. If I am a communist, who is going to be my role model? Marx or Lenin. If I am Hindu, who is going to…

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