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Our Thoughts Do Not Create Reality

One Light of Being™

InvocationDear Holy Spirit, I give thanks for your Presence in my mind and for the Light You bring to illuminate even the darkest of my thoughts that I may see them clearly and choose once again for Truth.   So it is my decision this hour and from this moment forward that I keep no private thoughts from You.   I understand that even the smallest thought I choose to hide reflects an illusion from which I do not seek release, so I come to You with the intention of complete transparency and openness.  Nothing is off limits from your gentle correction.  I know that I cannot save myself from my private nightmares, but with Your Help, I will understand the nature of the dream and awaken TO salvation.  Let this Holy Instant bring the moment of my complete release and let me accept the Peace of God.  Amen.

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  1. Joseph ⋅

    Thank you for the repost! 😉


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