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To Know Peace, Give Forgiveness

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InvocationDear Holy Spirit, you are my Guide and Comforter when I am lost and in need of peace.  In Your Light, my mind is illuminated and I see how cluttered it is with conflicting thoughts, desires and wishes.  You help me sort out the conflicting ideas and exchange them for peaceful ones.   With Your Vision, I am able to see my Self clearly, unburdened by guilt and concentrated on a single purpose.  Performing the one function You ask of me, peace is a natural result.  Let me continue to light up all dark corners in the attic of my mind, that not one single conflicting purpose remain there, which would lead to feelings of conflict.  If I keep but this One Purpose, Peace will be my companion all the days of my life and I will know that I dwell in the House of the Lord forever.  Amen.

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  1. Joseph ⋅

    Thanks for the repost! 😉


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